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Body Shop

Any body shop can advertise to draw in its customers. You will find that you can do much better with a shop that your friends, your family or even their acquaintances will recommend. That shop is where Creative Autosports Restoration comes in.

bmw coll b and afLifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty mean our company will guarantee the work we performed on your vehicle for as long as you own it. If our work or repairs doesn't hold up you can come back to our shop and have the repairs fixed at no cost to you.

Lease Turn In Specialists

If it is that time of year to turn your lease vehicle in, we offer a quick and affordable service so you don't incur a large, rather costly bill after you turn your lease vehicle in. he servie includes repairing dents, dings and scratches.

C.A.R. offers free estimates and will waive most deductibles! We also offer rental assistance. We will repair all makes and models including the most commonly damaged areas of your car including, but not limited to; Auto panel replacement, auto frame repair, automotive bumper repair. Our service also includes automotive welding, scratch repair and removal, automotive paint repair and blemish removal.

Professional Exterior Detail

If you are looking to have your vehicle professionally detailed, don't bother taking it to a center that only knows how open a can of wax. Bring your vehicle to the professionals at Creative Autosports Restoration. We can bring your vehicles paint back to life while protecting your vehicles shine at the same time!

Whether you are looking have your vehicle repaired after a collision or have your vintage vehicle restored, Creative Autosports Restoration will help return your vehicle to its best possible look!

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